Social changes

LATEST: Over half of Boomers who use social networking sites will visit a company website or continue their search on a search engine as a result of seeing something on social media.
LATEST: The growth of electronics industry, mainly in Taiwan , South Korea , and China , is expected to boost the demand for PMMA over the years.
LATEST: In the United States in 2017, an estimated 10,270 new cases of cancer will be diagnosed among children from birth to 14 years, and about 1,190 children are expected to die from the disease.
LATEST: We can cut emissions in half by 2040 if we build smarter cities
LATEST: The world is going to need 50 percent more power in the next 20 years and it will need to be affordable, accessible, reliable and sustainable.
LATEST: Discussions about nuclear terrorism tend to focus on the risk of terrorists stealing weapons-grade material or making a dirty bomb.
LATEST: More plastic pollution equals more risk of entanglement and ingestion by marine animals.
LATEST: Geopolitical risks including further potential terrorist attacks and their potential adverse consequences on the European market cannot be ruled out.
LATEST: Economists polled by Reuters expect Britain's growth rate to more than halve next year to 1.1 percent.
LATEST: Food security, risk reduction and logistics could support urban development and planning in developing countries through technical assistance and/or public/private partnerships.
LATEST: Fewer than 25 percent of IT jobs in developed countries will be held by women.
LATEST: Parents forget that their children are going to grow up one day and Google themselves and all this content about them will already be out there.
LATEST: Gen Xers are projected to remain the "middle child" of generations.
LATEST: Gen Z will be even less tolerant of organisations where diversity of attitudes, ideas and personalities is not embraced.
LATEST: Gen Y is predicted to make up 75 percent of the global workforce by 2020.
LATEST: People will be able to completely customize a product to their preferences by designing it and have it manufactured via 3-D printing.
LATEST: Facebook's weakness in AI will hurt financial performance as it has to recruit humans to do work that is much better done by machines.
LATEST: By 2030 AI will be encroaching on skilled professionals like lawyers, financial advisers, and radiologists.
LATEST: Active, and agile US leadership will be required to bolster traditional partnership and fashion new ones with emerging powers.
LATEST: Global Lubricants market is supposed to witness a high increase during the forecast years due to expanding risk of data theft and firm government regulation.
LATEST: Medical is expected to be the largest market for smart textiles and could be worth $1billion by 2021.
LATEST: J.C. Penney and Sears Holdings Corp. have made new moves lower on fears the retailers will not be able to successfully navigate the shift to online shopping.
LATEST: EU members will likely use Greece's failure to control its borders to justify stronger border control measures of their own.
LATEST: The planting of 18,000 trees over the next five years will transform parts of two Denbighshire towns into nature havens.
LATEST: In the year 2030, electric vehicles (EVs) will make up just 7% of new car sales in India, owing to a shortage of charging infrastructure and a lack of affordable models.
LATEST: A vote to leave the bloc could shear half a percentage point off British growth annually in the coming years.
LATEST: World Health Organization estimates 10% of the global population is currently exposed to noise levels that could lead to hearing impairment.
LATEST: The development of rural areas will be the key to achieving the Agenda 2030 targets under goals 1 "no poverty" and 2 "no hunger".
LATEST: One single factor will drive the future more than events, economics, innovations, technology, demographics, religion or politics - emotion.
LATEST: Predictive risk modelling has been suggested for use in the child welfare environment as an efficient means of targeting preventive resources and improving practitioner decision-making.
LATEST: As the world's population ages, we will become more reliant on robots to care for the elderly.
LATEST: The World Economic Forum anticipates driverless vehicles will generate $1 trillion in economic benefit to consumers and society over the next 10 years.
LATEST: Automakers will no longer be required to invest in new fuel-saving technologies after the next few years if The Trump administration goes even further than automakers want and freeze the standards ...
LATEST: U.S. shale production is expected to grow over the next few years as the companies that survived the worst of the downturn showed resilience in the face of the lower-for-longer oil prices.
LATEST: In dollar terms, tax reform was only a cut in the growth rate of revenue collection and not actually a decrease in total dollars collected by the IRS.
LATEST: A rollback of free trade agreements could lead to a loss of 270,000 Australian jobs and a reduction in household incomes by around A$8,500 a year.
LATEST: The advent of instant translation devices aided by faster broadband will prove a boon to tourism.
LATEST: 90% of the global business world will become internet based over the next 20-30 years.
LATEST: India will generate 130 million tons of e-waste by 2018 from the current 93.5 million tons in 2016: And by 2020, India is expected to generate 260 million tons of e-waste.
LATEST: Automation could impact 60% of businesses by 2022 and threaten jobs in the process.
LATEST: Dubai will be the first country in the world to use taxi drones as a form of public transport.

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